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Our Lady of Peace Parish 

Lent Activities and Resources

Message from Fr. Maria

Lent is the season of preparation for Easter which means that now is the time to prepare well.  With Ash Wednesday just a few days away, now is the time to come up with your plan to grow closer to Christ and share in His sufferings during the season of Lent as we prepare to celebrate the mystery of our salvation at Easter.  If we leave coming up with our plan for Lent until Ash Wednesday, I know at least for me, it often takes days or weeks to really get started, meaning that we waste what is normally a great opportunity which is given to us during this holy season.

I would recommend that you watch during this Lent and participate in parish Lenten activities.  Our Lady of Peace Parish has an account with that enables our parishioners to access videos, audio programs and to read books all for free.  I plan to watch all seven videos of The Search this Lent.  The Search is an innovative video series that tackles the key questions of every human heart. In seven beautifully filmed episodes, Chris Stefanick and experts from multiple fields of science, medicine, psychology, art, and religion examine our place in the larger story of existence.

This Lent you are encouraged to read the Lenten reflection books which will be at the entrance of each church site and they have also been sent to some seniors at home. These books will help to spend time with God and deepen our relationship with God.  Please read them and share your faith journey with others, and let them share theirs with you.  

May you have a fruitful Lent!  


Fr. Maria Arokiam

Our Lady of Peace Parish 
Lenten schedule
The Search
Join Fr. Maria as he watches The Search this Lent.  Every Wednesday starting Ash Wednesday we will post on the parish Facebook page and website a link to watch an episode of The Search on along with a couple of questions for reflection and discussion.  Share your thoughts each week on Facebook.
To watch The Search please sign up for FORMED.  Click here for instructions.
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops - Journey through Lent: Video Series for Lent 2021 Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Journey through Lent offers an introduction to the season and reflections on Gospel readings each Sunday in Lent.  
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