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Truth and Reconciliation 

Prayer to the glorious Saint Anne,
Grand Mother of Jesus Christ for Peace and Reconciliation

by Fr. Peter Melanson
Glorious Saint Anne, Mother of the Mother of God, grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ, welcome before you beseeching your intersession. We see in our land the wounds caused by the sins of prejudice, neglect, abuse, and prideful arrogance. 

May we have hearts of flesh which seek to feel and understand the pain caused by residential schools in our country and may that understanding unite us more closely to our Saviour who suffered for us.  May we seek righteousness and justice in our treatment of others knowing that we are all equal before the eyes of God our Father.  May we always see in those rejected by the world the face of our Lord who has told us that what we do unto the least of our brothers and sisters, we do unto Him.  May we never be complacent in the face of evil, but seek to bring the light of truth that which is hidden so that healing may abound.  May we have humble hearts which reject the vanities and schemes of this world and long for the Kingdom of Heaven. 

O Mother of the Mother of God, cast your maternal gaze upon those wounded by residential schools and their families that they may find healing and peace. 

May the divisions between indigenous and non-indigenous people in our country and church give way to reconciliation and love.  May we remember that we are one family in Jesus Christ, who gave us His mother upon the cross and in so doing gave us yourself as our grandmother.  May we who are one family be united in the peace that your Grandson, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, longs to pour fourth into our hearts.  May the souls of those who died in residential schools be brought into the kingdom of light and peace.  Pray for us before the Throne of Jesus Christ our Lord and your Grandson that we who beg our intercession may one day rejoice with you in the Kingdome of God. 

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