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Current COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Parishioners,

Effective Saturday, July 31st the Province of New Brunswick is lifting all pandemic restrictions. Bishop Christian Riesbeck, issued a letter this week expressing gratitude for the faithful, who in so many ways have generously adjusted their ways of worshiping during the pandemic. Letter is available in each church and on our parish website.

As the virus is still with us, Our Lady of Peace Parish will be transitioning away from the restrictions associated with the pandemic, by implementing the following directives this weekend, July 31st - August 1st.

1. Entry into the Church: We no longer need to collect contact information or screen for health and travel. Hospitality ministers will be at the entrance of each Church to assist with any concerns you may have.

2. Seating: As the 2-meter physical distancing is no longer required, seating will be returned to full capacity, and you can be seated where you choose. However, a section of pews will remain at the 2-meter distance for those who would like more space.

3. Masks: Masks are no longer required. However, it is encouraged that we be sensitive to each other’s health and safety needs and may choose to wear a mask for your own protection or to protect others. Masks will continue to be provided at the entrances of all Church Sites.

4. Sanitizing: Hand Sanitizer will remain available at all entrances to our churches and parish buildings.

5. Holy Communion: We will refrain from distributing the Precious Blood during the Mass.

6. Sign of Peace: We are welcome to extend a physical sign of peace to those around us. However, some may feel more comfortable with a simple wave of the hand and smile. Before extending your hand to others, check and see if they have a raised hand in the form of a peace sign or wave, rather than an extended hand to welcome a ‘handshake’.

7. Mass Live Stream: The 11:00 am Mass will continue to be live streamed on our parish Facebook page.

Please note:

1. Weekday Masses will continue at the Church sites at the scheduled times.

2. Meetings can resume at our Church Sites. Please phone the Parish Office to schedule meeting rooms.

3. As we adjust to the lifting of restrictions, we will be working on initiatives to revitalize our parish, celebrate our community and share our faith.


The COVID-19 Team

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