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Parish Giving

The Finance Committee has been working hard looking for solutions to get us through the COVID-19 crisis.  We may have had to temporarily close our church doors the reality is that we still have expenses to pay.  As good stewards of the parish they have been reviewing expenditures to see us through this time without forgetting the mission of the church. 
People have been contacting the office asking how they can still support the parish.   Here are three ways for you to still make your donations to Our Lady of Peace Parish: 
  1. Envelopes can be dropped off at the parish office (603 Union St.).  You will find a mail slot in the back door of the Pastoral Center.  Please DO NOT leave envelopes in the mailbox at the front door.
  2. Sign-up for our Auto Debit program. Download registration form.
  3. E-Transfers.  This can be done through on-line banking with your financial institution.  Please send to  If you need to add a secure question, please use one of the two options:
  • “What is this donation for?”  and the answer “Our Lady of Peace”
  • “My name is (add the name that your envelope is registered to), what is my envelope number?”  and the answer “(add your envelope number)”
If you have any questions, please contact the parish office for assistance.
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